Cat Miller

Betwixt Them Made

By Caroline Prugh

Directed by Cat Miller

Set Design: Carolyn Mraz
Costume Design: Annie Simon
Lighting Design: Nick Hung
Sound Design: Jay Spriggs
Stage Manager: Ashley Zednick

April 26-28, 2012
Presented by Columbia University's School of the Arts Theatre Arts Department as part of the 2012 New Plays Now Festival

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, late spring/summer 2011. Two couples; one straight, one lesbian; early-mid thirties, no kids…yet. With one friendship beginning and one friendship on the brink, "Betwixt Them Made" is a play about marriage and the boundaries of friendships, both new and old.

The title comes from a 1928 marriage blessing: "That they, living faithfully together, may keep the vow and covenant betwixt them made…"