Cat Miller

Ghost Girl

By Sue Pak

Directed by Cat Miller

Set Designer: Robert Shoquist
Costume Designer: Miodrag Guberinic
Sound Designer: Emma Wilk
Lighting Designer: Emily McGuillicuddy
Stage Manager: Matt Hundley

Workshop Theater
August 18-21, 2011

At the height of the Japanese occupation of Korea 13-year-old Heewon is sold into sexual slavery. Five years and two occupiers later she escapes her brutal existence by marrying an American officer who whisks her away to a small, Midwestern suburb. Desperate to create a new life and, more importantly, protect her daughter from her shameful past, she turns her back on the girl she once was. But that girl will not be silenced, transforming instead into Ghost Girl who relentlessly terrorizes Heewon and, in turn, her daughter, Moran, driving them both to commit increasingly unreasonable, desperate acts. Will mother and daughter be able to exorcise the Ghost Girl from their lives or will she destroy them both?