Cat Miller

Sex and Hunger

By Kyoung H. Park

Directed by Cat Miller

Produced by Fresh Minds Productions
Lighting Design by Carol Feeley
Sound Design by Kyoung H. Park

Presented by Six Figures Theatre Company as part of their Artists of Tomorrow Series (2004) and then by Access Theater (2005)

When Sonia Lee, a descendant of Kim Il Song holds a dinner party in New York to introduce her new boyfriend to her closest friends – a group of elite, overly-entitled 20-somethings from around the world – a war erupts threatening not only their personal futures but the fate of the entire world.


Sex and Hunger is described as an apocalyptic tale of unrestrained power, and in performance it certainly lives up to that billing.  The cast is clearly having fun living in the play’s world, as is director Miller, who does a fine job squeezing every ounce of life out of a few pieces of furniture while weaving her way through a myriad of quick scenes…Few punches are pulled, verbally or visually, in emphasizing the lives of privilege and excess that these young people live, and what lengths they will go to to preserve that status quo and the future of their group.