Cat Miller


Written, Composed & Performed by Ned Massey

Directed by Cat Miller
Produced by Radmass Entertainment

Set Design by Michael V. Moore
Lighting Design by KJ Hardy
Sound Design by Radigan
Illustrations by Christopher Comforti

Presented by the The New York International Fringe Festival – Fringe NYC 2006

Bloodties is based on Mr. Massey’s personal history and roughly follows the course of his life, from his childhood as the victim of an abusive father, through a fairy-tale entrance into the music world, a devastating series of set-backs and finally happiness in a life never expected.  It features original music and a live acoustic performance by Mr. Massey whom legendary talent scout John Hammond called “the finest talent since Dylan and Springsteen.”


Startlingly dramatic, tender and downright funny…An emotional journey but completely without self pity…Imaginatively directed by Catherine Miller.

Insightful, cutting, honest and very brave one-man show…A thought provoking piece of theater that examines the themes of faith, forgiveness and hope.

Memorable…Outstanding…Rendered with wit and insight…Richly resonant…Deftly paced by director Catherine Miller.
Joe Hurley “The Irish Echo”

A true work of Art…A passionate and personal performance…A story of inspiration.